Chain of Custody


The security of media in transit and at our lab is a top priority. Our process provides secure door-to-door transport of media, maintaining a fully-documented chain of custody that is designed to meet criminal standards of evidence preservation.
Nominated security-cleared staff will arrive onsite to inventory and take custody of media. Media are recorded by barcoded label. Tapes without labels will have a temporary label attached for inventory and processing purposes.
Low volumes of tapes are transported by air as secure hand baggage, kept in possession of the staff member at all times.
Higher volumes of tapes are transported in our own unmarked vehicle, which is GPS tracked, fitted with secure slam locks and internally-caged for added security. The van is operated by two drivers to expedite journey times and to provide maximum security. This service extends throughout Europe.
Once safely delivered to our lab in Dublin, the media are assigned to a dedicated processing cell to guarantee physical separation from other clients’ tapes.
Our tape processing lab is equipped with HD CCTV as well as multipoint biometric access. Externally, there are also several layers of physical security to prevent unauthorised access to the tape processing lab.
Extracted data is always encrypted using AES256 encryption, and this return data is hand-carried to the client where chain of custody is completed.


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