Certified Data Erasure – Secure Data Destruction

Our data recovery knowledge puts us in an unequalled position as experts in data integrity. Our service is fully recorded to satisfy your audit requirements. Our service can be deployed on-site at your secure data centre location anywhere in Europe.

Whether you have private data centres, use colocation services or use a 3rd party cloud provider to store your corporate information, you need to know your data is secure throughout its lifecycle—especially when it’s time for you to remove your storage assets from the secure data centre facility. From end-of-life drives and servers, to active files, virtual machines and logical storage area networks, you can achieve data sanitisation across all your IT assets with software-based data erasure.


Secure, reliable and comprehensive solutions to erase and dispose of end-of-life data

For decommissioned or RMA data centre assets such as Storage Area Networks and Disk Arrays, we offer an on-site certified disk sanitisation service using industry-leading wiping products by Blancco.

Our service offering includes:

  • Erasure of up to 180 assets simultaneously
  • A choice from 25+ overwriting standards, including NIST and DoD.
  • Verification of  the overwrite process
  • A tamper-proof Certificate of Erasure for every IT asset erased.
  • Customised reporting to your specific policies and requirements.
  • RAID dismantling and pass through
  • All work carried out by highly-trained data storage engineers

We are a Dell Technologies approved service provider and we provide disk-sanitisation services for all Dell Technologies and legacy EMC hardware including Data Domain, VNX/VNXe, Isilon, PowerMax, VMAX3, Atmos, XtremIO, ScaleIO and Unity storage. We also provide certified data erasure services for other manufacturers such as NetApp and HPE amongst others. We also offer complete site decommissioning and electronic waste recycling services. Contact our Data Centre Services Team on +353 1 8612280 or [email protected] for further information and to discuss your project requirements.