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Data Recovery Laboratory.

Our State of the Art Dublin based Data Recovery facilities

The key attributes of a professional data recovery business are technically competent engineers using the best available tools and systems in the correct environment.

As storage technology moves forward, so too must the tools and systems required to enable recovery. Coupled with this technology element is the absolute necessity for a controlled environment for performing work on the internal components of a hard drive.

The combination of specialist skills, technology and recognised laboratory facilities is what makes CDS absolutely unique in Ireland.

We always welcome client visits, and encourage all potential clients to ask other companies about their facilities and the possibility of a visit. CDS has invested heavily in laboratory facilities in Dublin while the technology investment is always ongoing.

A word of caution – if another company tell you “It’s going to our lab”, this usually means that it’s being subcontracted to an overseas company, unless of course, you can be shown the lab!

At that stage, you’ll have realised that the company you’re dealing with is not a data recovery company, but simply a commissioned agent for one.

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