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Data Recovery Success Rate.

We Recover an Average of 91.5% of All Devices

For us, success rate is a measure of how effective our process is at dealing with all of the devices that we receive.

When offering deductable evaluation and a no recovery – no fee guarantee, our success rate is fundamental to the success of our business. If we couldn’t achieve what we claim to, we wouldn’t be long going out of business.

Data Recovery Success RatesWe currently recover an average of 91.5% of all devices that we receive for evaluation, and this figure will vary from time to time depending on the brands, models and faults involved.

There will always be a proportion of devices submitted whose condition is beyond recoverable at time of receipt – usually because of surface damage to the disk platters.

Beware of other companies who advertise unrealistically high success rates and unrealistically low turnaround times.

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