Logical – No Overwrite

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This describes a hard drive data recovery task where data has encountered corruption of some sort.  Possible sources of corruption include: –

  • Virus/malware propagation
  • Disk formatting (accidental or deliberate)
  • Partition corruption due to partition manipulation
  • Corruption of the operating system or of the master file table, where all file entries are stored.

The best chance of data recovery from such hard drives is attained when no new data has been written to the hard drive after the failure.  Generally speaking, the more new data written, the lower the possibility of a successful recovery.

These types of hard drive data recovery tasks do not involve cleanroom handling, as the drives do not need to be physically opened.  CDS operate a wide range of high-end logical recovery software tools to deal with these types of failures, and probability of recovery is usually very high.  However, minor levels of data corruption should be expected in the recovered data.