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Extraction of ESI from tape has historically been undesirable, mainly due to reasons of time, data volume and cost.

Index Engines’ technology now allows ESI to be quickly and easily identified directly on tape, rather than on highly duplicated tape dumps.

HOW? Eliminate out-of-scope tapes using first-pass tape cataloguing and then find the exact data you need using a second-pass tape index.
Data extraction from tape has never been so efficient!

This incredible technology immediately transforms the value of ESI on tape, providing many practical and cost-effective applications.


Urgent eDiscovery for Litigation

When tight legal review deadlines need to be met, it’s now more important than ever to extract relevant ESI quickly and cost effectively. The unique Index Engines solution guarantees the shortest time to data from tapes to meet such deadlines. Full tape restoration is now redundant – harness the power of tape indexing!

Get Litigation Ready

Proactive Tape Indexing in anticipation of a request for ESI represents the ultimate state of readiness to respond to a data request and reduces cost to data over a repeated number of ESI requests. This maximises internal review time prior to date handover.

Regulatory Compliance

Responding to ongoing detailed regulatory data requests is costly and time-consuming. Meeting these obligations quickly and with confidence in the quality and integrity of disclosure is vital for business credibility. Gathering this information offline from content-indexed tape media represents a new level of efficiency in data compliance projects.

Two-Step Media Retention Process

Whether you are considering tape archive consolidation to newer media format, or wish to defensibly cull tapes from your archive to reduce storage costs, our two-step process will enable the most informed decisions on media retention, while facilitating data requests from indexed archive tapes with ease.

Expedited Tape Indexing

In early stages of case management, it is essential to understand potential legal exposure as quickly as possible. Expedited tape indexing provides an invaluable early case review methodology which delivers value by making relevant ESI easily available from an offline source as early as possible in the dispute resolution cycle.


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