We have just compiled our statistics for Q3 – 2013 and we now present an inside view of the failures that we have seen this quarter:

Q3 2013 Failure Types


Q3 2013 Failure by Manufacturer

Some points to note:

  • Seagate & Western Digital continue to dominate the failure stats. However, don’t assume that they are necessarily of lesser-quality. The market penetration and popularity of both manufacturers must be factored.
  • WD acquired the HDD business of Hitachi GST in Q2 of 2012
  • WD divested to Toshiba assets that enabled Toshiba to manufacture and sell 3.5-inch hard drives for the desktop and consumer electronics markets
  • Seagate acquired the HDD business of Samsung in Q2 of 2011
  • Seagate acquired Maxtor in 2006 (Maxtor had acquired Quantum in 2000)
  • Our statistics are based on the manufacturers of the underlying hard drive and ignore the drive “assemblers” such as Lacie/Buffalo/Iomega,etc”





Disclaimer: The statistics are generated based on the actual hard drives submitted to our lab for data recovery during Q3 of 2013 and the publication of these statistics has no implication on the quality of hard drives manufactured by the relevant manufacturer. The statistics should not be used for determination of quality or reliability and CDS accepts no responsibility for loss of data or consequential loss as a direct or indirect result of use or interpretation of these statistics.