Truly onsite service

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Depending on your industry sector, your location and security arrangements, carrying media to a marked vehicle for destruction on a public street might now be considered far from secure. Increasingly, we meet customers who tell us that kerbside destruction no longer satisfies their requirement to destroy material ‘onsite’. For many years, we have evaluated options to provide a viable and safe method to perform media destruction in our client’s buildings. The solution has arrived, and now we are pleased to announce our ‘in-site’ service that offers the most secure destruction possible for your media.

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Our ‘in-site’ service eliminates the following security & practical considerations:

Security Policy dictates that media must stay ‘in the building’ at all times.

  • Destruction vehicle too large to fit in car park
  • No secure street parking available
  • Unhindered access by the public to destruction vehicle parked kerbside outside your building. This security risk is exacerbated if the vehicle has external branding or markings indicating the nature of the work being carried out
  • No staff available to go outside to observe the process