Critical Data Services partners with Index Engines to offer tape indexing technology and web-based eDiscovery throughout Europe

Dublin-based Critical Data Services looks to better support its eDiscovery and risk management partners in Europe by offering Index Engines’ patented tape remediation technology  and remote eDiscovery hosting

HOLMDEL, NJ –Dublin-based data recovery specialists Critical Data Services look to make electronically stored information (ESI) more accessible, defensible and timely for eDiscovery and risk management partners by leveraging patented tape remediation technology from information management company Index Engines.

The addition of Index Engines’ software enables Critical Data Services’ clients to avoid the slow and error-prone restoration process and achieve immediate access to a “search ready” index of the clients’ tape data over a secure web interface.

“Full tape restoration doesn’t make sense anymore: it’s slow, it’s expensive and it’s a largely manual process,’’ said Ciaran Kennedy, Technical Director at Critical Data Services. “Index Engines’ tape indexing technology helps to automate the process, is highly defensible, and can actually get our clients reviewing tape data within days instead of weeks or months.

“There’s no longer a reason to restore bulk data from tape and then have to spend time processing through it conventionally. Index Engines’ approach is far more efficient and defensible.”

To make the process more user-friendly for eDiscovery Service Providers and law firms within Europe, Critical Data Services combines the convenience and simplicity of the web with the efficiency and local access to their secure lab in Dublin.

Backup tapes are securely transported to Critical Data Services’ processing facility in Dublin where they are immediately sorted, then catalogued and indexed. The resulting index segment is then made available online for their partners to De-Dupe, De-NiST, and search for relevant ESI.

Once the index has been de-duplicated and then searched, the client has a detailed understanding of exactly what the tapes contain. Index Engines offers two options for extraction: full extraction of the unique tape content or targeted extraction of only the relevant ESI for a specific litigation or compliance event.

Once the user identifies the specific relevant content (files, email, custodian mailboxes, etc.) it can be virtually tagged for extraction from tape. Then the forensically sound extracted content is delivered to the user for review. No hardware or software is required. The data is identified using Critical Data Services’ web interface, extracted at its service center and delivered to the client for further processing.

Through this process, data from tapes can now be de-duplicated and culled before it ever has to be extracted for review, and specifically before any bulk restoration storage has to be purchased.

“Critical Data Services has a well-established reputation of providing outstanding service throughout Ireland and the rest of Europe,” Index Engines Vice President David Ballard said. “They’ve seen first-hand how slow and ineffective full tape restoration can be and are dedicated to bringing their clients the quickest, most defensible solutions in the eDiscovery market today.”


About Critical Data Services

Critical Data Services is one of Europe’s leading data recovery companies, and is focused on servicing the eDiscovery Service Providers in Europe.  The company is privately held and headquartered in Dublin, Ireland. As an independent data recovery specialist, CDS is focused on being the operational arm for their partners who don’t have the resources to process backup tapes for Litigation Support or Risk Management.  Their senior technical advisors, experienced engineering resources, access to superior products, and proven performance ensures a fully functional, secure experience. From a fully functional Tape Processing Lab to a secure web interface, the people of CDS can help streamline eDiscovery of complex datasets for their European clients for a long time to come.


About Index Engines

Index Engines is a leader in Tape Indexing and eDiscovery Support.  Service Providers today face a significant challenge delivering ‘data from tape for review’ in a timely and cost effective manner.  As a result, they turn to Index Engines tape indexing technology for a better solution.


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