Security First

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From our years of dealing with clients with the strictest of IT security policies, we understand that the security of your data is paramount.

On-Site Service

We only offer onsite service.

In-Site Option

We are the only provider in Ireland offering safe and secure physical destruction service inside your building, if required.

Use of unmarked vehicles

Only the people who are supposed to know we are onsite will actually know. Our presence will hardly be noticeable. No screaming logos will draw attention to the fact that your data-bearing media may be loaded onto a truck kerbside, in public view, and within public access.

Nominated screened staff

Before we arrive, you will be given details of our visiting staff and vehicle identification.

Photographic records

Eliminate possible recording errors by providing high resolution photographic evidence of all media destroyed. Serial numbers can often be difficult to isolate and may be duplicated across different model ranges of hard drives. If recorded manually, they can also be prone to human error. Tapes need to be recorded using customer markings. Our system also allows accurate capturing of asset ID labels/hand-written markings.