Tape Services

Tape Restoration for eDiscovery

Extraction of ESI from tape has historically been undesirable, mainly due to reasons of time, data volume and cost. Our process allows ESI to be quickly and easily identified directly on tape, rather than on highly duplicated tape dumps. Eliminate out-of-scope tapes using first-pass tape cataloguing and then find the exact data you need using a second-pass tape index.  Data extraction from tape has never been so efficient! This incredible technology immediately transforms the value of ESI on tape, providing many practical and cost-effective applications.

Backup Platform Migration

Backup Platform Migration

If you are moving to a new backup platform and are concerned about your ability to extract data from your legacy tape estate, we can help. From ad-hoc restores to large-scale migration services, we can handle virtually any format and any quantity of tape.


Does your legacy tape estate pose a compliance risk? Are your tapes ageing in offsite storage? Do you carry out test restores as part of your annual BCP testing? Is it time to digitise your tape estate and move it to cost-effective cloud storage? We can help you to carry out a ROT analysis and move only the relevant and valuable data to a disk-based or cloud-hosted solution.

Seismic Data Restoration

Seismic Data Restoration

We can help to future-proof seismic libraries and deliver rapid access to the right data. In partnership with industry-leading experts, Critical Data has developed capabilities to identify and reformat an unrivalled range of legacy recording formats and media. Our service can handle field tapes, post-stack data and pre-stack data in a variety of sort modes, such as shot, CMP, offset or other orders.

We can transcribe virtually any media format and carry out full QC on the data output. By converting your data to the latest SEGY formats, we can help to ensure that your data is accessible for current and future analytic, commercial and compliance purposes.

Got tapes & need help?

Voice Logger Retrieval

Do you need to recover audio for eDiscovery, data migration, or compliance purposes? Do you have a legacy voice recording system by Eyretel, NICE, Witness Systems or Verint?

We can extract audio and available metadata directly from legacy media sources without the need for the original equipment and convert it to standard WAV files. All available metadata is extracted into CSV or XML format and can be imported into analysis tools for call searching. Most voice recording vendors use proprietary formats and compression algorithms to maximise the available recording capacity. Using the original equipment, calls can be played back individually but if this equipment is no longer available or if a discovery event requires bulk or expedited extracts, we can help. Our custom software addresses virtually every voice logger format. We can scale up a voice logger recovery environment to read tapes 24/7 with up to 50 tape drives in use simultaneously. Using this workflow, we can extract and convert audio at unparalleled speed. In conjunction with our industry-leading partner, Intelligent Voice, we can provide voice to text transcription services for the extracted audio.

Cataloging Services

Cataloging Services

Does your organisation have a vast archive of legacy media created with various backup platforms? Chances are that you don’t have access to some of the legacy catalog information so managing this tape estate can be a major headache. We can help by cataloguing your legacy tape estate to help you understand exactly what data you hold. Using the catalog output, you can make decisions to retain or destroy these tapes. By doing so, you can reduce storage costs and risk and migrate valuable data to the latest-generation archive or storage formats. We can also manage your catalog and tapes, giving you the ability to access data using our managed-restore service.

Tape-to-Disk Archive

Do you have a legacy tape estate containing data that is subject to litigation or compliance hold? We can help to future-proof your data by migrating it from legacy tape to the latest disk-based archive or cloud-hosted archive solutions. If your data is subject to ongoing litigation, we can help to rapidly expedite your time-to-data by migrating a deduplicted copy of your data to a disk archive solution. With a disk-based archive solution, you can access discoverable data within minutes compared to  weeks or months when your data is locked into legacy tape formats. The solution is simple, provide us with your tapes and within weeks, we can provide you with a fully-populated disk-archive for your data centre or cloud-host.


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