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For some time, there have been efforts by various organisations to agree a set of destruction standards for electronic data bearing media. Unfortunately, many of these have “borrowed” the concept of minimum particle size from the paper shredding industry where the particle size has a clear and intuitive significance. The fundamental requirement is for media to be unreadable and beyond commercial data recovery.

Our destruction process is compliant to BS EN 15713:2009, which calls for the media to be unreadable. Our data recovery expertise is particularly relevant here, and all media destroyed are completely beyond any form of leading-edge recovery methodology, as confirmed by our data recovery laboratory.

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Our Process Meets EADMS Level B Requirements

Caution: Please note that UK-based CESG – CCTM accreditation often quoted is not in itself a destruction standard, rather an opinion on the ‘service delivered’ rated against ‘service advertised’. Conformance does not provide any explicit assurance on the level of inherent security. For instance, a CESG-CCTM accredited destruction service providing kerbside destruction would not meet UK Ministry of Defence media security requirements because of the unsecure environment in which the destruction is carried out. Therefore to claim that CESG-CCTM accreditation provides a government-wide approval is at best misleading.