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eDiscovery Support Services

CDS Tape Lab – powered by Index Engines tape processing technology.

CDS offers independent and forensically-sound tape data restoration services to leading forensic investigators and their clients throughout Europe.

Operating from a secure facility in Dublin, CDS has formed a strategic partnership with Index Engines Inc. whose industry-leading technology powers CDS’s expedited tape process workflow.

eDiscovery Support Services

eDiscovery Support Services

CDS’s comprehensive tape data restoration offering is unique, from carefully managed chain of custody of media to accelerated identification and extraction of de-duplicated responsive data. CDS’s leading processing technology in Tape Indexing and eDiscovery support minimises ‘time to data’ and helps organisations to manage information more efficiently and effectively in preparation for legal review.

Processing is usually performed at our Dublin site, though the technology can be mobilised in cases where data may not leave client premises or a particular legal jurisdiction.

The same process can also be used to reduce data management costs outside of the legal context by facilitating tape archive consolidation (migration to high capacity formats with defensible de-duplication/deletion), while also facilitating the creation of an easily accessible pre-indexed data repository which is search-ready.

We welcome potential clients to visit our high-security tape processing facility in Dublin. Contact Ciaran Kennedy or Ronan Kennedy for further information.

eDiscovery Support Services


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