Flash Memory Recovery – Here is an example of a flash memory device that we received for data recovery in the lab this week.

Flash Memory is a very fragile form of data storage and should be treated with great care. This chip was in an unbranded SD Card which contained precious memories for one of our customers.

This SD card used a Monolithic chip type – where the controller and memory are encapsulated in a single chip.

The chip was removed from the plastic case and the engineer immediately noted that the chip had a crack in the top corner. Due to the design and contruction of flash memory, this rendered the device unrecoverable.

This underlines the importance of storing SD cards very safely and handling them with great care. They are extremely fragile devices and should never be stored in a pocket, wallet or purse.

Data Recovery - NAND Flash Memory - Cracked Chip

Data Recovery – NAND Flash Memory – Cracked Chip


Cracked NAND from SD Card

Cracked NAND from SD Card

Here is some further reading about NAND Memory – if you’re interested!


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